Babble & Munch Speech Pathology

Support for infant and child feeding, swallowing and early communication skills

Feeding & Swallowing

We have expertise in paediatric feeding and swallowing difficulties from birth onwards, including infant feeding at the breast or bottle, babies transitioning to solids, toddlers learning to eat family meals and children of all ages struggling with eating or drinking.

Early Communication Skills

We work with infants and toddlers from 0 – 2 years to support the development of their communication skills. This includes areas such as early babbling, gestures, smiling, eye-contact, first-words and putting words together.

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Babble & Munch Speech Pathology is based in Melbourne in the north-eastern suburb of Eltham. Please contact us to discuss your child’s feeding difficulties, early communication skills and the services that we provide.


Telephone: 0487 503 753  Fax: 03 9431 4336

Clinic address: Discover Health, 1/1137 Main Rd, Eltham VIC 3095

Mail: PO Box 707, Hurstbridge VIC 3099

Clinic Open: Tuesdays, Fridays, alternate Saturday mornings.

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Babble & Munch Speech Pathology