Training Program for Speech Pathologists

Infant Feeding Essentials Program
Essentials Training Program includes:
4 Training Sessions – Wednesdays 7-9pm (3-6 participants)
  • 21st Jun: Typical Feeding & Oral Development (0-12m)
  • 19th Jul: Assessment – Structure & Function (incl. tongue tie)
  • 16th Aug: Treatment – Breast & Bottle Feeding, Oral Function
  • 20th Sept: Treatment – Solids & Oral Motor Feeding Skills
1 Full Day Feeding Clinic Observation (one-on-one)
Location: Babble & Munch Speech Pathology, Eltham.
Trainer: Carly Veness, Speech Pathologist.
Price: $1980 (incl. GST). Limited places.


See IFEP Information and Registration form for more details.


Presented by
Babble & Munch Speech Pathology and Therapy Alliance Group
Paediatric Feeding Essentials
Assessment, diagnosis and treatment with an evidence-based approach to hot topics.

Day 1: Infant Feeding, tongue tie & oral motor skills – Carly Veness, Speech Pathologist

Day 2: Behavioural feeding incl. sensory issues & ASD – Rachel Tosh, Speech Pathologist

Melbourne: 4-5th Sept 2017 (Mon-Tues)

Brisbane: 11-12th Sept 2017 (Mon-Tues)

Who Should Attend? Speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dietitians, lactation consultants, maternal child health nurses, GPs, paediatricians, psychologists, midwives, early childhood educators, osteopaths, allied health assistants, infant mental health professionals.

See Paediatric Feeding Essentials Flyer and Course Outline for more details.

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